London Series: Best places to tickle your taste buds!

As my mind (and tummy) go crazy dreaming about the awesome food places we discovered in London, here goes the second blog for the London Series!

First off, let me warn you - the city has insane options for foodys! It ranges from cheap-eats to Michelin star restaurants; from curries to fish n chips (of course!); from fine-dining to fine-standing! My attempt is to share the highlights/ must-try/ you better go ones if you are visiting the city.

Our top favorite haunt was Honest Burgers in Soho. They have many outlets now, but we love the Soho one. Reason being - the waiting is typically 45-60 minutes even on a weekday (yes, that's how awesome and popular they are), which gives us time to grab a couple of beers (being Soho, there is no dearth of options for that).

Honest Burgers

Glazed buns with oozing, delicious cheese and rosemary chips (just the right crunchiness and thickness) on the side - heaven!

Honest Burgers

That's the menu - we love 'Honest'

The Fishers

Next, when in London, you have to try the traditional fish n chips! We tried this place called The Fishers

The Fishers

That's grilled fish for the calorie-conscious!

Blue Elephant

Another favorite of ours - Blue Elephant for authentic Thai. But just check if they are still open - had heard that they may be shutting down in Chelsea

Jamon Jamon

A terrible picture, but this remains my favorite Spanish place in London. What you see here is chorizo and cheese hiding the gambas that are slow-cooked in garlic and oil and served with aioli sauce! Head out to Jamon Jamon in Soho for some authentic Spanish food and do try the paella!


Try these pretty flower-shaped gelato cones at Amarino


This is the view from Hutong (top of The Shard - the picture doesn't do justice! The food (Oriental) is outstanding. But beware - its takes weeks to get a reservation! Let you in a secret - do visit the washrooms - view from there is perhaps the best!!

Now, for our absolute favorite weekend plans - farmers' markets! This was perhaps one of the top few reasons we loved London..almost every weekend we would take a nice long walk to one of these farmer's markets (Borough market is the only one open on all days except Sunday). These are heaven for foodys like you and me - especially if you are the kind who likes variety! The colorful sights, the delicious aromas and the heady drinks - what more do you want on a Sunday morning!

Farmers' market at Duke of York Square, King's Road. While this was in our neighbourhood and easy to reach - but for a calmer shopping & eating experience, would recommend experiencing this street

That's a block of melting cheese, which is scrapped off on toast! Head to Borough for buying fresh fruits/ cheese, filling your tummies and then relaxing with Sangria or Pimms!

A lesser known place (and hence less touristy) - Maltby Street. We liked it for its simplicity and complete focus on food and drinks! Essentially just a lane full of stands (most of them are holes in the wall under the railway line from/to London Bridge). Buy your stuff and head to the patches of lawn or just land on the pavement.

Shoreditch also has some interesting food festivals that you can check out

The list of places we visited and that are there can go on and on. But these made it through my priority matrix, to help you focus on the best! Do you have a favourite? Share with us in the comments section below - would love to hear from you!

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