The travel bug

This is where it all began – a surprisingly quiet spot behind the ruins of Pantheon with cold beers on a warm Roman day. A and I were as usual, just talking randomly and a thought came that ‘what if we just travel for few months at a stretch..experience cities truly rather than rushing around over weekends, trying to take it all in!’. Over the next few days, we kept dabbling with this dream/ idea..and slowly it started sounding less crazy and definitely do-able.

From then to 2015, a lot had happened – A and I took a decision to move back home (Delhi, India) after spending time in London (a difficult one indeed), started new jobs and settled down. But the idea was taking shape the entire time and we decided to just take the plunge finally. We decided to take a 2-month break in 2016 summers. That gave us more than 1 year to plan and prepare for our dream holiday!

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