What’s the big deal about sunsets!

2017 has begun with a bang for us! To sum it up, it has been a crazy time in life! I just seem to be running from one task to another..from one moment to another. While I don’t have energy to write an exhaustive blog, I thought I’ll share something that A and I discovered during our travels.

The first time was in Santorini, Greece. This was our 1st anniversary trip and we spent 1 luxurious week in that utterly beautiful country. A, a skeptic as always, couldn’t fathom what the big deal was about sunsets (I intentionally do not mention sunrise, because well, it’s just too early in the morning to be appreciated!). Until he saw just how pretty and vibrant sunsets can be!

This is the view from where we stayed in Imerovigli, Greece

Imerovigli, Greece

Imerovigli, Greece

Oia, Greece

Oia, Greece

I would recommend enjoying this from both perspectives, from Imerovigli and Oia. Due to the geographical layout (Oia is at the tip of the crescent and Imerovigli is right in the middle), the sunset from Oia is an unobstructed view (this is also the most popular and seen in all post-cards. Infact a group of people actually starting clapping when the sun was setting!).However, the sunset from Imerovigli is very interesting too – the throw of colors over the sky and the twinkling lights from Oia is stunning!

We were driving around in Naxos (Greece) in the evening. Being a low tourist season, there wasn’t much crowd and we found this parking spot that gave us an incredible vantage point.

You know what, even India has such spots! We were chilling on a roof-top restaurant in Udaipur (anniversary trip yet again!) and completely unexpectedly witnessed the burst of colors in the sky.

In more recent times, during our Italy travels as well we came across some stunning sunsets. And also a single incident of a sunrise (forced state of wakefulness due to a very early morning train!).

Sunrise at Amalfi

Positano, Amalfi Coast

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

Have you seen such spectacular sunsets in your travels? Do share, we would love to know (and plan our next trip then!!).

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