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About Us

I love to travel and I love to explore and find interesting places to eat wherever I travel – hence FoodysTravel! And to make things more convenient, I have an engineer-husband, A, who loves playing with his camera and has inordinate amount of patience for clicking a good one.


When we travel, we like to relax and take things in, rather than rush around with a detailed itinerary of ‘things to cover’. So in this blog, you will not find top 10 must-dos..but you will find some quaint places that we learnt from locals, or just chanced upon while walking. We are also cost conscious (I wouldn’t say budget travelers) and would try and find cheap-eats. You will find it all here – hope you find this useful/ interesting!

Balancing work, social life, hobbies (I love cooking and am constantly joining fitness classes, but never sustaining!) and travel (of course) is a tricky one. So updates to this blog might be slower than you expect..but drop me a message and I’ll surely respond (that’s a promise – and as my 4 year old niece loves to say ‘a promise breaker is a shoe-maker’!).


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